Create a fun quiz and collect constructive feedback.

Create a fun personality Quiz and collect constructive feedback. See answers in the form of attractive pic charts. Play anonymously or enter name.

Do tell me in comments if you like it, and your suggestions.

Guys I really need motivatio, this is my 5th project.

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I am curious about it for its implications for Education Technology #EdTech, but, admittedly, seriously concerned about the quite apparent grammar mistake on the landing page.
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@kosher_cowboy Thank you for checking out the project. I'd be happy to know more about its implementation in the education sector. Sorting out the grammatical mistake right away.
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Great job!! 😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks a lot, Ayush. I am glad you liked the Product. You might like to check my other product as well. Here: www.watsapp.direct