A notebook built for programmers on your Mac

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Quiver is a notebook built for programmers. I built Quiver to scratch my own itch. I have been obsessed with note taking since I was a kid, and have tried many apps for taking programming notes over the years: generic notebook apps, wikis, Evernote, code snippet managers. But they all missed one crucial point: it's not just code that you want to store, but also comments, images, links --- all the context information. Also, as a tool for programmers, syntax highlighting, Markdown support and full-text search are must-haves. Quiver's cell-based design makes it easy to mix text, Markdown, code, LaTeX all in one note. It also supports blazingly fast full-text search, live Markdown preview, tagging, presentation mode, cloud syncing, shared notebooks, and more. You can find more details here: http://happenapps.com/#quiver You can ask me anything.
nice tool. however, I use http://jsonformatter.org for JSON formatting and JSON Validating.
Quiver 3.0 is just released. It's a huge update with tons of new features. See release notes here: http://happenapps.tumblr.com/pos...
@happenapps Just discovered Quiver today, super excited about it! Looking forward to engaging the entire team via shared notebooks.
@happenapps Very excited about this! Just picked it up and I'm already taking notes.
@happenapps One question - any chance for an iOS version?
@_codyjoseph Yes, I have been working on the iOS version for the last two months.
@happenapps looking forward to it!
Quiver 2.1 is now released, with 50+ improvements. http://yaoganglian.com/2015/02/1...
This is my current go-to app for note taking. For me the killer feature is the ability to pop my notes in a dropbox folder and have them everywhere in this nice client interface.