Quinn is a subscription-based content service.

Quinn is a subscription-based content service.

They come up with and execute a content strategy for your project. Their standard package is a one article per week, but they can also design a custom package and delivery scheduled, based on what your company needs.

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Excited to see this launch. Really enjoyed working on the design ๐ŸŽ‰

(disclaimer: I've been advising this company and helped design the content creation process)

As I really wanted to be able to access a written content service that would match my needs to establish a brand. It can sometimes be hard to hire a full time content writer at the beginning of a project.

We've been working with a bootstrapped version of the service on almost 90% of content related project we had with Gertrude, ArtList, Stellar Base, Stellar Formation, KeplerBot and now Jour for the past 6 years.

They understand how important it became to create high quality content without missing on key elements like company voice & culture.

Highly recommended!


High quality content without devaluating writing and the content creation thanks to a great process.


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Hey - my name is Alice and I'm the founder behind Quinn. I have a background in product and content marketing and thought it was a good time to start a project like this because I simultaneously saw: 1. A lack of resources for mid-sized companies that want to develop a content strategy but don't want to devote an in-house team to it 2. A major marketing shift toward more holistic storytelling and community building I'm very excited to share this service here and if you have any interest, feedback, or questions about the product, feel free to reach out to me at any time: alice@quinncontent.com