Quickwake, from Wakelet

Turn many links into one


Quickwake, from Wakelet is the quickest, nicest way I've found of bundling up links and sharing them in one go. Others have tried it (remember Bitly Bundles?) but this is nicely done and also a good, lightweight introduction to their full product.

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Aaditya Deshmukh
Bret Kinsella
Mario Gruber
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  • Aaditya Deshmukh
    Aaditya DeshmukhSenior Developer, Dassault Systemes

    Wanted something like this for a long time!


    Some links could not be fetched

    Need an easier way to collect links.

    [Update: I was wrong. There is a very easy way to collect links. Chrome extension! ☺]


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  • Bret Kinsella
    Bret KinsellaAct with Edge

    Really easy way to share multiple weblinks at once


    Would like to see these turned into instant Wakes

    Really like this service as a way to organize web content. It's like a cross between Pinterest and Pocket. The new feature is a nice addition to make it easier to share an ad hoc group of links to web and social content.

    Bret Kinsella has used this product for one week.
  • Aspire Print
    Aspire PrintAspire Print

    Fast, simple and clean design


    Could make items more compact, too much spacing

    Nice feature, especially since you don't need to sign in to use it. Really quick and easy to use. Would be good to know how long the quickwake lasts for.

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  • Pros: 

    makes it easy to get all the links i want to share in one place, one URL


    I don't know any alternative

    It is great that it is free!

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