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QuickPublisher aims to bring the fun back in blogging. It is a simple blogging platform which allows users to monetize their blog without the use of annoying ads.
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I just signed up. It’s looking great. Awesome
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Congratulations on launching QuickPublisher Rotimi!
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Before starting my platform I tried using other platform in the hopes of saving myself the time of creating a platform. Unfortunately I found these platforms to be more or less the same. I couldn't seem to find a platform with a simple yet powerful interface where I could design my articles in a custom way, whilst monetizing my blog without the use of ads. As you can see, I was a bit picky with my requirements. But I believed that it could be easily achieved. All these inspired me to tackle the challenge of developing a blogging platform to provide such features. I developed QuickPublisher using a combination of the following: PHP, C, HTML, CSS, Javscript (Jquery), MSSQL and a bit of Python. I also used a different architecture as the traditional MVC style couldn't meet my needs. I call it Rerouter - Application Engine - Model - Render(view) - Rerouter. I'll create a separate post to dive further into this architecture. My main challenge was providing a standard monetization module without the use of ads. There two things I despise. Ads and windows OS. I ended up collaborating with Microscriptions.Inc(A monetization startup). I then integrated it with my platform to provide my users with ability to to do what they love while making some money too. Today, I have 247 users and 203-daily active users. While this started as a side-project, I'm slowly taking it full-time due to the amount of feedback received.
@bentossell Please do check this out :)