QuickLens NXT

Inspect the UI, on your Mac –– like a PRO!

A Powerful Mac* App to...
• zoom into pixels
• measure angles & distances
• sample colors
• check alignments
• take snapshots
• real-time distances and bounding boxes
...and much, much more.
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Hello PH, QuickLens started in May 2013, more as a reaction to the poor taste of UX in visual exploration tools. I am talking about apps like a magnifying glass, ruler, color picker, and so on. The UI seemed clunky and outdated and lacked the spice that you expect in a macOS app. I decided to take my own stab at this with QuickLens, an integrated set of tools for visual exploration. I launched the first version after a year of work in June 2014 on the Mac App Store. The reception was great and it showed that folks do care about the power and beauty of the tools they use! Forward to 2016 and there was lot going on my plate both personally and professionally and I could not update the app anymore. Since then, the app languished for 3 years :-(. Come 2019 June and Apple announced SwiftUI, a powerful UI toolkit for building super-powerful UIs rich with animations, gestures and declarative ease of use. This was an awakening call for me and I suddenly realized I can achieve the visions I had about QuickLens with a ground-up reboot, built in SwiftUI. At that time I underestimated the effort but its taken more than a year and I am very close to launching QuickLens 2.0, codenamed "NXT". It has been a massive engineering effort and every single tool has been rebuilt by taking inspiration from some of the best visual/creative tools out in the market. The UX is lightweight, stays out the way, is very powerful, and is blazing-FAST!. QuickLens is a suite of powerful tools - Lens, Ruler, Frame, Guide, Monocle, Crosshair with features refined and matured over many years. All tools follow a consistent aesthetic, gestures, shortcuts and performance. It is now available on the Mac App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id.... Cheers! Pavan