3-60 second video calls with your friends

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I love playing with your apps, @bencera_. There are some similarities to your previous projects, Context and Facefeed. What did you learn from those apps that you applied to Quickie? P.S. Love the name. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Thanks Ryan, love your products too :) A few learnings... In social, products need to be as unique as possible! Context was loved, but too similar to king Snapchat.. With Facefeed, we moved it away from the friend graph onto the random chat/community space, which gets much more traffic! But we learned that it's hard to keep the best people around for the long run.. Facefeed had great traction, was loved, but had to be highly moderated. And at some point bad actors gave a bad tone to the product and growth stalled. Kudos to you @rrhoover to have been able to curate such a great community :) Quickie feels quite unique. video chatting is old news but this implementation feels refreshing. It feels new to be able to use video chat on a daily basis VS the occasional weekend conversation. Time constraint is sometimes awkward, but always fun. After a few weeks of building and beta testing, let's see what people think!
@bencera_ I'm a big fan. I was talking about your facefeed with @rrhoover when I started using kong yesterday. I love apps that are effortless, and less deliberate. Like a a good friend's simple "what's up" with a smile, rather than a "Yayyyy Sooooo good to see you! Let's go grab some bagel giggle giggle blah blah yadayada" from a superficial stranger. Quickie is perfect for that good friend's simple what's up vibe. Cheers!
@bencera_ just tried it but nobody is pickin up. how bout like a random chat among verified users at least when no one is available? apps that require "invite friends" efforts are becoming increasingly hard to adopt.
@rrhoover @alexyoungkwon agreed! that's why we added a "try it out" option that 5-second quickies the team :)
@rrhoover @bencera_ saw you just now. You should auto accept incoming quickies on your phone for great onboarding experience :) Now I feel like a part of the crew . Cheers
Hi there! Would love for you guys to give this a try. Quickie makes 1-on-1 video calls that automatically end after a few seconds. It's been really nice connecting on a daily basis with loved ones with these very short 1-on-1 interactions that don't feel as intense and time intensive as facetime or skype. 5-second quickies to just say good morning, 10-second quickies to show something you're doing. 30-second quickie to make a plan. Receiving a quickie always feels super exciting and personal. Of course, there are many alternatives to communicating with friends, but somehow this feels refreshing. What do you think? :)
@bencera_ Would love to try, but i'm on my Android! lol! :D Anyway, congrats for the launch, it's been some time! Let me know if i can help on something. Cheers!
@bencera_ "Receiving a quickie always feels super exciting and personal." I love you. Is it possible to perform more than 1 quickie in a row?
@bencera_ congrats on the launch ben!
I've been beta testing Quickie for the last two weeks. The time constraint is really fun and always leaves you wanting more....in a good way! Well done Ben + Sophia!
OMG love the name! ๐Ÿ˜