Quickey Tab for Chrome

The fastest way to launch websites—with custom hotkeys ⚡️⌨️


Quickey New Tab is an elegant dashboard of customizable keyboard shortcuts that launch your favorite websites/bookmarks instantly 🚀 and eliminates unnecessary clicking & typing from your workflow ⏳

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12 Reviews5.0/5

simple and effective solution to a problem I didn't realize I had 👌🏼


way more efficient than opening a new tab and typing in a website. saves seconds each time but it quickly adds up!



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I've launched 1419 tabs and saved more than an hour from typing these websites/finding on bookmark list. I always have the Quickey tab as a default when I am just chilling so I get to see the cool background pictures- or even shuffle them. I also have fun remembering these keys that I've set and launch websites without even looking at the keyboard- like a memory game!


cool background pictures, quick launch to websites, personalizing with cute emojis, easy swapping/editing


Some pictures are really awesome I want to keep it all the time but can't when windows shut down automatically..

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It just does what it should. Its surprising that no one thought to make this yet. Hot keyed bookmarks


Simple, useful


Nothing, it just does what its supposed to