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The first completely online end-to-end mortgage experience

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Does this tool make a soft or hard credit inquiry? So far, the tool looks very promising, but it would be helpful to know about any implications on credit score before filling out the forms.
@mattsilv I'd be curious to hear the answer to this too. I'm almost positive it's a hard inquiry for something like this.
"It took nearly five years and a team of 450 people, but today Quicken Loans is announcing Rocket Mortgage, an online mortgage that takes just a few minutes to complete. Quicken Loans sees Rocket Mortgage as the turning point in home financing. It’s home financing’s iPhone, Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert tells me. And he could be right. The process takes less than 10 minutes. Like TurboTax, the service repackages complicated applications into a simple online form. But it’s important to note Rocket Mortgage is more than just an online application. The service also verifies information, then provides a conditional approval as valid as something a loan officer would issue." http://techcrunch.com/2015/11/24... I don't know whether I'd ever be comfortable enough to apply for a mortgage while I'm waiting in line for a coffee (something the Rocket Mortgage team aspires to), but any process that takes away painful intermediary paperwork and legwork is a welcome change, imo. If my experiences with getting a mortgage is anything to go by, there's a lot of improvement that needs to be done in this space! Very interested to see how Rocket Mortgage ... takes off (sorry, had to).
My experience with Quicken thus far has been less than desirable. I did my home loan through them and there were numerous red flags of deception and spam. I get a "pay off your mortgage early" letter in the mail almost daily from them.
@itsthisjustin daily sounds very strange, but what's wrong with that or them otherwise?
@philfreo Some major deceit during my loan process was the first thing. I got a condo loan, then found a condo, and was told it couldn't get the loan because it was a condo. Just lots of stuff like that. They also lied about my rate and I had to schedule a call with a manager to get back to the original quote. The constant spam regarding refinancing or insurance just tops it all off. Would recommend for a lower downpayment, would not recommend if you have other options.
Not less then 10 minutes but close
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