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#2 Product of the DayMay 09, 2014
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Gave this a shot with http://www.vidbid.co. Some feedback: 1) The landing page setup is great. Looks a little bit more legit than your standard Unbounce page. There aren't many options for customization but the base theme is passable and I didn't have the urge to tweak it that much. I had mine up and running with content written in ~5 minutes. There was a technical glitch with getting the domain set up but support was helpful in getting that fixed in a few hours. 2) The Adwords integration needs some work. Adwords is not something IMO that you can just pick some random keywords and go. It requires a little research. Quick MVP does not tell you CPCs or even how many clicks you're buying, just how much you should spend given the keywords you've typed in in order to meet your conversion goal. The problem is this calculation was wrong. For my goal of collecting 50 email addresses in 3 days, the tool had me pay $250, and after the campaign finished I found out it only ended up giving me 50 clicks. Perhaps this opaqueness is for a reason and the business model is to markup the Adwords fees? Even if that's not the case the lack of transparency in this part of the product was a little strange to me. 3) I'm trying to drive traffic via my own Adwords campaign now so I can optimize it more, however without Google Analytics integration it's not possible to track conversion of my keywords. Hmm. Cool idea - with some tweaks this would be something I'd definitely recommend to people. As is, I think a lot of people are going to set themselves up for failure because of the weak Adwords functionality and not get enough clicks to really test the validity of their ideas. Also the sound effects for visits and conversions were a nice touch. I had it open in the background and appreciated hearing those noises trickle in :)
I've been using this for a little while now, it's a great service... the only thing lacking is support. There's no easy way to get answers from the team, but they have an active community. They probably built it that way so that it wouldn't be a time suck for them answering questions though heh.
This product is pretty awful. They keep billing you and don't send receipts. The system is really bad at servicing customers. They continued billing me even though I couldn't cancel it after logging in. I wouldn't use this service again.
Bugs in the ad portion of the software and no reply or 24 hours and still waiting.