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Update: We have launched our next version named AirWander! Greetings Hunters! – I’m one of the digital nomads that created QO. We are travelers that would choose a tent on an empty beach to an all-inclusive hotel. QuestOrganizer knows the optimal cities to add to any flight. Using machine-learning QO compares hundreds of possibilities for every connection & learns from each search you make. This gives you the ability to find savings by arranging the perfect combination of flights, multiple-book airfare. Flying is no longer only about getting directly to your destination, you can now enjoy the journey. We are thrilled to be on ProductHunt and can’t wait to hear your feedback! Here is a quick walkthrough:
@inhabit_earth awesome! Looks super useful. What inspired you to focus on this? Feels like productizing some stuff I think I've heard @chrisguillebeau tak about. Was that the goal? Just had this thought that this is really a tool for "Accelerating the creation of a trip" with Machine Learning, just like Google Photos accelerates creation of cool photo presentations. I added this to my "Accelerated Creation" list - https://www.producthunt.com/@jfi....
@jfilcik @inhabit_earth I checked out @chrisguillebeau, it seems he is more about flying free by earning and using miles. However, he may have mentioned this concept of multi-booking. We were inspired by how we booked flights: we would try many combinations to different cities that could be a possible ‘stopover’. We were very dedicated and took multiple days, or weeks looking through possible routes that would allow us to save and visit another destination, but we never knew if we had found the optimal route or not. Many travelers use or have tried this technique, but previously it was tedious and time-consuming. We are excited to make this technique automated and now it’s easy for any traveler to see if they can find a better flight option with added (optimal) stops according to their specific search criteria, and possibly find the cheapest flight option.
@inhabit_earth Yea, that's awesome. I'll certainly try this next time I book a trip. Have you thought about taking hotel prices into account or the cost of living for the stopover city? It just occurs to me that it's the one factor that you haven't automatically taken into account.
@jfilcik @inhabit_earth Great, I hope QO can assist in finding you an epic quest and savings! That is a good idea, we will need to think about that and the best way to build that into the platform.
Really like the idea of beating the price and finding a great stopover at the same time. That's killing two birds with one stone in style.
@carylyne Thanks, we are glad you like the idea. Also, a good analogy to describe QO :)
So now I am planning my first trip to San Fran to meet some of the @ProductHunt team... I'll be seeing what deals I can get through this! I really want to stop over in NYC on the way back to experience build up to Xmas there 🎅
@bentossell NYC in Christmas is what all cheesy RomComs are made of. Great choice 👍
@katesegrin @bentossell haha ooooohhhhh yeah! someone just needs to propose to me on Xmas eve or New Years eve now...
@bentossell maybe you'll try and grab a cab, but there's someone already in it, but then you decide to share, then you fall in love at first sight, then you have a magical NYC love story and get married and it's all because of @madidi707 and @inhabit_earth and QuestOrganizer and Product Hunt.
@bentossell Sounds like an awesome trip, New York is a great place to be for Christmas maybe you can be there for Santa Con or tree lighting :) If you do find love, let us know. We could make a campaign of all the possibilites that can happen thanks to choosing to see more. Who knew we may have built a 'coencidental matchmaking platform' :)
Tried to use the product and found a better deal than Skyscanner or Kayak for SG to SF. I wonder how that is done by the team.
@spenceryang I'm happy you like it :) I'm the Co-founder, we've put a lot of hard work to automate this time consuming flight search technique to enable travelers to create their own flight deal. Our application connects non-partnered, low-cost and route-specialized airlines to create savings and add extra destination to your trip at the same time.
Really impressed with their approach to booking flights. I love the idea of finding great stop over destinations which in turn makes the trip less expensive.
@willsamari Thanks Will & also thanks for hunting us! We hope via QuestOrganizer more people will realize that stopovers are possible on any flight, all you need to do is find the right combination of separate flight bookings.