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QuestionScout is a tool that allows you to easily build online forms or surveys with our unique form builder. After you're done building, you have a large array of design options to make your form on-brand or personal.
Oh, and we're completely free to use!
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We built QuestionScout because we were looking for a unique solution to make form building less of a pain. QuestionScout is built by a small team of two people, both coming from a major player in the form building industry, and we've built this solution over the last few months to see how people would respond to a completely refined take on how to build forms or surveys online. Check it out, and please let us know what you think! We'd greatly appreciate any feedback!
@maciej_podsiedlak Liked the product. Will you support multi-step form in near future? Will the additional features of integrations, multi-step features, file upload etc. free?
@aquib We're considering all of the features and field types you've just mentioned, and we will probably add all of those in the very near future. I can't guarantee that all or any of these features will be free or paid though, as we still haven't really decided on what we're planning to do with our paid plans. For now, everything we add is free to use and we intend to reward our early adopters with "free paid plans" when we officially launch.
Can i embed those forms in my website?
@thiago_sardim Hello! Yes, this is possible in the current version of Formsquare. When you've created a form, you can go to Form Settings, and hit the Embed button in the sidebar. We currently support responsive and fixed size embed only, but we're looking at expanding these options in the future.
Great UI - clean and subtle... didn't overwhelm me. I had a quick question. I didn't find an option to add a "file upload" question type. For instance, asking job applicants to upload their resume.
@shalinjain27 Hello Shalin! Thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately we don’t have a file upload field type yet, but we’re definitely planning to add that in the very near future!
@maciej_podsiedlak Awesome. I look forward to it. I wish you the best luck.
@shalinjain27 Because you mentioned the file-upload field a while back, I wanted to let you know we've added it to the platform today!

Perfect for what I'm going to use it for which is collecting preliminary onboarding info from prospects or new clients so I'd only deploy this by email maybe 10-15 times a month.


Free Stupid Short Registration EASY to use Clean & clutter free design Great for low-response environments


Can't download or export data/answers (but it is FREE so wasn't expecting that)

Thanks for your review Chantelle! Lucky for you, we've introduced exporting to all of our existing and new forms today. You can now export your submissions to both .PDF and .CSV.