Clear your real-life to-do's like a game

#1 Product of the DayApril 18, 2015
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Just discovered this awesomely gamified task manager app. It's epic. Hats off to the developer.
Adorable, similar to HabitRPG.
@rrhoover also very similar to Epic Win from a few years back, which was probably the original gamified task app:
@rrhoover It's also similar to EpicWin, which came out a real long time ago. Gotta love these types of apps!
@rrhoover Whoops, I didn't see Ryan Block's identical comment. :)
@ryan yup- EpicWin is still my fav todo list out there but Rex + co stopped working on it :( I've have been waiting for something better to come along!
If there was a Mac app or even a web app that synced with this, I would ditch Clear in like two seconds. Who doesn't want to dominate vampires, ghosts, and other things that go bump in the night when you are buying milk, eggs, and cheese?
Reminds me of a joke to raise interest of hardcore gamers for real life jobs : "First, you find an easy quest. This gets you gp to buy better gears and xp unlocking better quests. As you go through success, you earn badges and titles. At some point, you defeat the final boss and have your own kingdom". All concepts that could be used in such an app :) (sorry if it's already the case, didn't have a chance to try it, because I have no ios device).
Really dig the art style and direction