Quartz for Messenger

A whole new way to get our journalism, via chat

It’s a totally new way to get our journalism, built and written specifically for Facebook Messenger. You can chat with Quartz about our obsessions, participate in fun projects that stretch your worldview, and catch up on the latest news. As we get to know each other, we’ll shape the experience to you and your habits.

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Hi Product Hunt! 👋 After a year of brainstorming, prototyping, testing, and tweaking, we're incredibly excited to introduce you to Quartz for Messenger. We've learned a whole lot about designing informative, engaging conversations through our experiences building the Quartz App, and we've bottled up those lessons into something completely new—a friendly, culturally curious, well-rounded guide to the new global economy. Chat about the day's news, obsess with us over La Croix and elevator buttons, and tackle calming mindfulness exercises or ambitious recipes. Please let us know what you think! Happy to answer any questions, or tell you about our secret sauce (hint: a whole lot of editorial, dev, and design talent).
@elankiderman Has anyone had issues being able to log in? From qz.com/m I get stuck on the "Sign in with Facebook to get started" screen -- I'm already logged in on Facebook and am able to open Messenger in another tab. Clicking on the blue button doesn't appear to do anything. Running OSX 10.13.3 / Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186
@jaynawallace i'm seeing this if i log out as well, thanks for noting! appears to be a problem on the messenger side. if you log into facebook and then visit our link again, it should work.
@elankiderman I'll give that a shot - thanks for the quick response!
Excited to see QZ launch this new experience. Before launching Poncho on Messenger at F8 two years ago, we spoke with the QZ team and came away with many great insights, specifically pacing. Hope to see their new launch inspire many other botmakers out there.
Cool! But it seems to be having some issues:
@shimmb welcome to building on a Facebook platform.
Hey @elankiderman! Big fan of what you guys have built here - really love the copy and flow. I'm curious, why did you make the onboarding flow so long to get to actual news-related content? Are you concerned at all that, that will hurt the conversion of people opting in to news? I'm building a sports game via a chatbot and have looked at a bunch of your guys work as the gold standard in flow and copy for bot-based products.

One of the best messenger bots I've used


Fun and smart!