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Even if you’re not one of the thousands of tech and media industry professionals descending on Las Vegas next week, you’ll probably spend the rest of the year talking about and using the technology featured at CES. Sort through the noise and experience the event through the eyes of our tech team by signing up for our newsletter.

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Hi! I'm from Quartz and will be working on this email along with many other colleagues in Vegas next week. These pop-up Daily Briefs are fun to produce and usually get a great response from readers. This is the first one we've ever done at CES, which is such a sprawling event that you really do need a way to make sense of it and separate the 90% of bullshit from the 10% worth caring about. That's our aim with the CES Daily Brief. Happy to answer any questions about it.
@zseward would much prefer to get this over Messenger or the existing QZ app... I never see emails I sign up for.
Nice, will be subscribing to this. Look forward to it.
This looks really cool - but definitely echo a previous comment that sending them out on Messenger could be cool