Quartz at Work

A new site from Quartz to help you work better.

Quartz at Work is a new edition on management and the modern workplace. It includes: guides on everything from avoiding hiring bias and giving feedback to managing email; expert contributions; original reporting by an experienced team of journalists; and a Facebook group for both seasoned and aspiring managers.

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👋 Hi, Khe from Quartz here. We're excited to announce the launch of Quartz At Work. The goal of this edition is to help you find that zone where you're doing your best work, while also acknowledging that our work is to varying degrees our identity, our constant preoccupation, our biggest challenge, our greatest source of both pride and stress. We’ve assembled a dedicated team of journalists—who collectively have decades of experience covering business, finance, and management—to bring you the most interesting ideas and practices around the world, wherever they are. Each day, you'll find stories on topics including the delicate art of managing others, tools for tapping into productivity and creativity, the progress being made (or not) in workplace inclusion efforts, the design of organizations, and how to be a high achiever and still have a rich personal and family life. In designing Quartz at Work we observed that our readers were not fully served by most management coverage out there today—it’s mostly too traditional or else not sophisticated enough. We created Quartz at Work to fill that gap. We also welcome you to join Manage It (https://www.facebook.com/groups/...) a Facebook group for Quartz reporters, editors, and readers to share questions and tips about being a modern manager.
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@khemaridh Interesting! Will join the group and keep an eye out for great articles. ✌️
@khemaridh Read through a few articles. ❤️ the typical Quartz reporting style. Informative, data-driven (Yay charts!) and no flowery language! You have a follower for life. 🤝

As the workplace evolves, it's necessary for all of us to continuously learn/improve. Quartz at Work is a great tool for this goal.


Great original content



Hey Quartz team! I'm continuously impressed by the great work you put out. This is no exception. Looking forward to being part of this community.
The content seems pretty good quality-wise, but I had to spend a few minutes staring at the page with my eyes wandering around it to know what I want to open. I feel like this design literally hurts my eyes and makes it hard to discover content I want, which is unfortunate since it seems to be good :(

Strong need for this. The workplace is a separate sphere than business that needs a different kind of analysis.


Smart content about how we spend most of the day: at work!


Not crazy about all the blue color, which feels depressing.