Milo Booke
Milo Booke reviewedQuartz AppA new community-driven news platform and membership product

A better way to discuss the news intelligently, without the the shouting matches of current social platforms.



We're so excited to share our two new launches with the world!

Things have gotten louder and faster since 2012, and it’s more difficult for those trying to work and lead in it to truly understand what’s happening with the depth and clarity that’s needed. The future’s at our doorstep now, but the ways we learn and talk about that future seem to inspire anxiety as much as they do action.

We believe readers deserve better, so we have created a platform that cuts through the noise to inform and inspire the people changing our world. We believe ideas, distilled with expert perspective, are the fuel of innovation. We believe that rigorous journalism can drive human progress. But we also believe the way we get our news needs changing. We’re excited to do that, and hope that you’ll join us.

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