Remember what's important



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Schlomo Rabinowitz@schlomo · Enabler
Um. Ok. I like the idea behind this, but I think shaming me more to do something I feel a little ashamed about already seems like something I probably should keep off my phone!
Axin CornelMaker@axincornel · saask.us
@schlomo we want the app to help people to have a general overview of the recurrent important simple events in their lives: talk to mom weekly, call my bud twice per month, open new conversation with an old business partener.
Brandon Clark@brandonclark · Creative Director, Conduit, Inc.
I like the design and idea. However, feels strange to pay to remind myself to connect with family and friends.
Axin CornelMaker@axincornel · saask.us
@brandonclark thx for the feedback. It's free for family and friends and it will always be. However the ideea of the app is also to help you to increase your sales or find new opportunities by reconnecting with old business partners from time to time. The business module is under a paywall, not to expensive i might say. tip. The business module could be easily skipped if you import business contacts into your phone contacts (lots of apps do that) and then add your business qualitimes in friends :)
Brandon Clark@brandonclark · Creative Director, Conduit, Inc.
@axincornel cool. Obviously I need more time with it! Thanks for the reply
Axin CornelMaker@axincornel · saask.us
Thx for hunting @josuegio! :)