Trading and portfolio monitoring tools for crypto investors

If you trade or invest in crypto, you know how cumbersome it is to manage multiple exchange accounts. Quadency helps you:

- Connect all your exchange accounts and trade from one place

- View aggregated performance statistics of your holdings

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13 Reviews5.0/5
I've been using Quadency for a few months now and haven't been disappointed. They support multiple exchanges I have accounts with, great UI, and they continue to release features.
Great interface and UX... I've been using Delta app last year, but now I'm moving to Quadency. You have a neat portfolio view, you can trade any pair of your linked exchanges, real time view and, for now, it's free. Cons: None so far... Well, my dashboard freeze yesterday, maybe was my internet connection
I've been using Quadency for months now and it's awesome - Slick interface, no lags at all and makes my life easier by streamlining all of my wallets into one place.
Great interface!! Highly recommended.
Real time, no lag, awesome UI. For the true crypto enthusiast.