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Jovis Joseph Aloor@jovisjoseph · Chief Designer
A platform to to get valuable critiques on your work is always welcome... Right now every websites out there is just to showcase your work...and they all are a big "pat on the back" fest... Especially dribble and bechance... I have deliberately tried putting up bad works and still i get comments like "good work..please check my profile"... and i just hate such comments.. Hope this one does not turn in to such community...
Robbert MastebroekMaker@robbert94 · Designer — MediaMonks — Made QritiQ.me
Wow, did not see this coming! Thanks for posting, Koen! Giving constructive feedback to other designers is one of the most valuable skills a designer can have. Getting someones else's point of view on your work is also always really insightful! I thought designers needed a place to share and learn – so I created QritiQ.me! :) It's also my graduation project: So, upvoting, checking it out and/or giving me feedback is REALLY helping me graduate from university. HUUUGE THANKS! <3
Alexandre Broudin@abroudin · UI/UX Designer
@robbert94 Hi, there is no instruction about password security on sign up, a simple password (6 chars numbers & letters) does not work. :)
Robbert MastebroekMaker@robbert94 · Designer — MediaMonks — Made QritiQ.me
@abroudin You're right, totally forgot to add our 'password policy' (7 chars minimum) somewhere. Will fix that in the next update, thanks! I did just change our policy from to a 6 character minimum, so you can use that password now if you want. ;)
Tayler@tayler2412 · Builder, Designer, StudioMinted.com
I just signed on and absolutely love what you made here! its really excellent!
Tregg@treggify · Designer
Email has a typo. "Thanks for joining QritiQ.me! Feel free to start posting your work right away to get some constructive feedback from the comminity," Should be community. :)
Robbert MastebroekMaker@robbert94 · Designer — MediaMonks — Made QritiQ.me
@treggify Whoops! Thanks, fixed it!