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A platform to to get valuable critiques on your work is always welcome... Right now every websites out there is just to showcase your work...and they all are a big "pat on the back" fest... Especially dribble and bechance... I have deliberately tried putting up bad works and still i get comments like "good work..please check my profile"... and i just hate such comments.. Hope this one does not turn in to such community...
Wow, did not see this coming! Thanks for posting, Koen! Giving constructive feedback to other designers is one of the most valuable skills a designer can have. Getting someones else's point of view on your work is also always really insightful! I thought designers needed a place to share and learn – so I created QritiQ.me! :) It's also my graduation project: So, upvoting, checking it out and/or giving me feedback is REALLY helping me graduate from university. HUUUGE THANKS! <3
@robbert94 Hi, there is no instruction about password security on sign up, a simple password (6 chars numbers & letters) does not work. :)
@abroudin You're right, totally forgot to add our 'password policy' (7 chars minimum) somewhere. Will fix that in the next update, thanks! I did just change our policy from to a 6 character minimum, so you can use that password now if you want. ;)
I just signed on and absolutely love what you made here! its really excellent!
Email has a typo. "Thanks for joining QritiQ.me! Feel free to start posting your work right away to get some constructive feedback from the comminity," Should be community. :)
@treggify Whoops! Thanks, fixed it!