Headless cat pillow

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Qooboo is a robotic cushion with a tail intended to provide a sense of comfort to users. When caressed, it waves gently. When rubbed, it swings playfully. And, it occasionally wags just to say hello.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This is wrong
Andy Cook
Andy Cook@andygcook · Cofounder - Tettra.co
@rrhoover This sort of reminds me of Paro the robotic seal, as seen on Master of None. Also, TIL Paro is a real product. Thought it was a joke product they made up for the show:
John Higgins
John HigginsHunter@johnbhiggins · VP of Marketing
@rrhoover You mean you haven't been thinking, "Man what I would give for a headless robotic cat"?
Mat Silva
Mat Silva@matsilva · Software engineer @cloudbees
Wait it doesn't purr? Missed opportunity on key cat feature imo.
Shunsuke Aoki
Shunsuke Aoki@aopico · CEO, YUKAI Engineering
Thank you for the hunt! Actually it's very welcomed by seniors who live in facilities.