Stop wasting time in meetings. Get to the point with Qoffee

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I'm one of the developers that worked on this tool. Please let me know if anyone has any questions.
@darkphnx Hey Dan, this looks interesting. How is it different / better than Do.com?
@delk the thing we've focussed on with Qoffee is the timeboxing aspect to keep things on track. We've all been to meetings where things have got sidetracked when perhaps they shouldn't and the rest of the agenda goes out of the window. The audio alerts are designed to keep the meeting moving forward.
@darkphnx Very cool, we'll try it out.
I've been looking for a tool to use in meetings to keep things focused and on point. I discovered the 48 hour RailsRumble competition entry Qoffee last weekend when it started to stand out from the crowd of entries.
@darkphnx Great product! How do you see the ecosystem surrounding the meeting to be enabled? (e.g. action items, decisions, persistent topics, notes etc)
@andrewrlin Going forward we're planning on keeping a record of the meeting. So if you've had a meeting on Hipchat or Slack for example we'll pull the chat log for each section, if your meeting was on Twillio we should be able to pull the recording. If you've had it in person we should be able to record the meeting with the users microphone. We could also look at something more formal where the meeting owner can note action items or decisions after the meeting. We'd also like to introduce recurring meetings so every Monday can be the weekly progress meeting etc.