A modern bookmarks and tabs manager ✨

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 30, 2019

Organize your favorite websites by boards and columns.

Every time you open a new tab, your board will load within a second. You can sync your bookmarks with multiple devices or even create public boards.

Stop wasting time looking for tabs or bookmarks! πŸš€

  • Just S
    Just SOwner, Simple Lotus

    Fast, beautiful design, intuitive, easy to use, reliable


    None to this point

    Clearly has been one of my favorite tools since it launched. I use more Chrome extensions than most people I know but only a handful are critical to my workflow and get installed on every machine and profile I use. Clearly is one of those critical extensions. Long forgotten and disorganized bookmarks have found new light and new life since I began using Clearly. Together with Workona and TabSnooze I have a perfect system for working in the browser. I am looking forward to watching Clearly develop but I'm not sure it needs any improvement from today.

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  • Pros:Β 

    (+) Easily organise your bookmarks on different boards and swap between them fast! Great for people with multiple projects.


    (-) Can't add bookmarks to new columns on-the-fly (-) No 'Toby Mini' version yet for users who don't always bookmarks appearing in new tabs*

    Takes all the good things that Toby for Chrome was doing and improves upon them. The Trello-like UI allows for easy drag-and-drop organising making it way easier to collect your bookmarks for different projects and purposes. Its still early days, and so there are still a couple kinks in the armour; the UI for adding bookmarks could be improved, avoiding duplicates isn't obvious and importing/exporting bookmarks seems too much of a manual process. But so far I'm very impressed with the speed and ease of this fine browser extension β€” Two thumbs up! *There is a workaround for this β€” see Guillaume's post for more.

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Hello Product Hunters πŸ‘‹ First off, a big thank you to @chrismessina for hunting Qlearly. Qlearly is a modern bookmarks and tabs manager. It allows you to organize your favorite websites using boards and columns. As someone that has been working online for almost a decade now, in some ways, I have been trying to solve a problem I noticed many times and believe others have or eventually will encounter. Here are some of the main features: πŸ’» Sync with multiple devices. πŸ” Search through your bookmarks. ⏰ Quickly save or open tabs in bulk. πŸ’Ό Share boards with team members. πŸ‘₯ Create public boards or columns. (Example of a public board and a public column). 🚨Quick note: Qlearly will replace your new tab! However, we do have a workaround. Here is how to turn this off. Here is a few links you might find helpful: Our Help Center. Getting Started Guide. All the ways to save tabs on Qlearly. For anyone interested, this article will show you the design progression of our extension. I will be here all day to answer any questions you might have, so ask away! 🍻
@guillaumebardet Wait,how do you turn off the new tab function?
@clarencewee Thank you for getting involved and giving it a try Clarence. Here is how to turn this off. Unfortunately, Chrome doesn't allow it to be a feature for now. Hopefully, this will change in the future!
@clarencewee @guillaumebardet good product! Well done bro
@nextstevejob I am glad you think so Okii, thank you for getting involved with the launch today!
CONGRATULATIONS QLEARY! πŸ™Œ Love the Quick Tutorial, Qlearly-Awesome! 🌎 Modern Tabs & Bookmark Manager 😍 Install FREE - https://qlearly.com/ by @QlearlyHQ βš™οΈ Install on Chrome, Firefox or Opera πŸ” Bookmark, Search & Share!
@fajarsiddiq Thank you for all your support along the way Fajar, it means a lot! πŸ™Œ
I have been using this for a few weeks now and I must say @guillaumebardet has made an amazing service. πŸ‘ πŸ‘ Really happy with the product itself, and the maker's willingness through out the past weeks.
@newlifeshoes Thank you very much for getting involved Ali, I am really glad you like the extension so far! πŸ™
If you have lots of bookmarks, then try Qlearly. Love the improvement since the last time I used it. Good job, Guillaume πŸ‘
@deadcoder0904 Thank you very much for the kind words, Akshay! I am glad you like the improvements we've made so far :)
Congrats on the Launch G!!! This tool is amazing, I've been using it for a while now. It works like a charmπŸ™Œ
@harowitzblack Thank you very much for getting involved, Ben. It has been awesome to get your feedback on the beta 😁 All your help has been much appreciated!