Bet on video games and track lifetime stats between friends.

Take your gaming experience with friends to the next level. Qade is a free platform for friends to compete on video games for money and track their lifetime gaming records.
No more sticky notes to track wins and losses and no more platform bans on Venmo.
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Hey PH, I'm a student at Northwestern and learned to code to create my first product. My friends and I love to compete on video games with each other, but we constantly lost track of our records and money owed against each other. Qade lets you compete for money with friends and segment your lifetime gaming stats by game and opponent. It's in the US only for now on the app store, and it's coming soon to google play! We would love to get your feedback!
Been using with all my friends during quarantine. Have been looking for a product like this for a while!
@drake_weissman Thanks Drake! That's great to hear