Q Actions™

Voice-to-Action™ for mobile apps

Q Actions™ makes your phone the ubiquitous digital assistant. Use easy, natural voice commands to execute actions within familiar mobile apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, PayPal, Twitter, Spotify, Yelp, YouTube, Calendar, Amazon, Slack, HotelTonight and hundreds more. Unlock functionality not available in other digital assistants.

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Orhan Bayram
Orhan Bayram@orhanbayram · CPO @MenaPay
Looks cool, when will you publish iOS version?
David Amato
David AmatoMaker@davidamato · Market Development, Aiqudo
@orhanbayram Thanks! As for iOS, our current plan is to submit to the App Store by end of this month, with availability in the store a week or so afterward. We'll keep you posted.
Ethan Fan
Ethan Fan@ethanyfan · CTO, Vimo Lab
Cool product can't wait to integrate.
rajatmukherjeeMaker@rajatmukherjee · CTO, Aiqudo, Inc.
Hi Everyone - I'm Rajat, co-founder and CTO of Aiqudo, maker of Q Actions™ We want your help to shape the future of voice! We’re a young, 27-person startup with offices in San Jose and Belfast. Our Q Actions beta app is available on the Google Play Store. It makes your mobile device the ubiquitous digital assistant, whether you’re sitting on your couch at home, in your office, at the airport, or in your car. Q allows you to use simple, intuitive voice commands to instantly execute actions in your favorite mobile apps that you trust and use everyday. Q can also be easily paired with Alexa or Google Assistant. You can just say “I need a ride to the airport” (Uber) or “show me my boarding pass” (United Airlines) or “navigate home” (Google Maps) or “watch narcos” (Netflix). You don’t need to learn a skill or invoke a specific app. Check the video for other examples. Just say what you want to do, and Q surfaces the right action in your favorite app. We’d love your feedback. If there are actions you’d like to use in your favorite apps, let us know and we can make them available. There’s more coming down the pike for our power users; follow our Facebook page so you’re plugged into future developments and updates.