Simple & efficient social media management all in one app

Pyxsee is the only app you need to manage your social media networks right from your device – anytime, anywhere!

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Any plans for an Android version?
@scottbowler Yes, we plan to transition to the Android market once we get enough capital for product development. Stay tuned!
@scottbowler @daynerusch can't wait to test this out!
@scottbowler @mjlambie Hello Michael, do you have an iPhone or Android? If you have an iPhone, we are currently having issues on our backend which is causing an error for users to create an account. We will have this fixed very soon, latest by the end of the day. Sorry for the inconvenience!
@scottbowler @daynerusch Thanks for the update. I'm on Android, so I'm waiting patiently. This is great, and I understand you have taken on a lot with this considering the maintenance associated with your app. Some of those social platform App approval processes are beastly!
@scottbowler @mjlambie Yes, they can be very disruptive. We have found the issue and are working on it now!
Thank you for hunting me. I am the founder of Pyxsee, with my main goal being customer convenience. There's no reason you should have to download 7 separate apps when you can have them all in one while saving immense storage on your phone and save you time as well. Personally, when I use Pyxsee, I can get through all of my feeds within a couple of minutes. I see people spend hours on social media each and every day, that's just ridiculous and unnecessary. To show you how much time you spend, I incorporated a data circle to show you the exact amount of time you actually spend on each social media site. Thank you for your interest in Pyxsee and I hope you enjoy. Please leave a review on the App Store to let me know what you think!
Good concept. Though the low res splash screen/start onboarding irritates me
@suijkerwerk Thank you, we are glad you like it! Our developer put the wrong icon for this update. Will be fixed soon!