Turn anything into a puzzle

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What inspired you all to build Puzzlfy?
We wanted to create a free jigsaw puzzle game where you can make your own puzzles either from your photos or videos! Players can choose to either make a puzzle out of the stock videos or images or use their personal photos and videos. Stickers are also available to be used on each puzzle which adds another layer of fun and keeps puzzles from getting boring as there are numerous different combinations for each image and video. When you use your own photos, videos, and stickers the replay value becomes virtually endless. We've also added 4 levels of difficulty: super easy, easy, medium, and hard. This is great for broadening the age groups that can play this game. We love how Puzzlfy is even transforming the lives of kids with special needs over at OMazing Kids, below is an excerpt from Angela Moorad (Speech-Language Pathologist) review, she is the Founder and Managing Director of OMazing Kids: "Puzzlfy is a fabulous app to make easy customized puzzles for high interest areas for kids with special needs! I use this app every week in OMazing Kids speech-language therapy. Many of my patients have very specific interests. This is especially true of kids with Autism. I use the Puzzlfy app to provide an opportunity for a patient to request what type of puzzle they would like to make. Some are able to tell me verbally. Others use sign language…"