PushPro 2.0 - Audience Segmentation

🔔Send Push Notifications from any website to mobile devices

After the successful launch of PushPro, we share with you PushPro 2.0 - Audience Segmentation! Send Push Notifications on mobile devices from any type of website to Targeted Audiences based on behaviour, demographics and more! Easy 5 min instal, no App needed!
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This product looks very interesting, nice update after the 1.0 launch. I am wondering how it works that it is 100% GDPR proof? How are you sending segmented messages with no personal data collection?
@davidkduncan hi David, thank you for asking. We are using Service Worker technology, which you might know from recent updates around Progressive Web Apps. Service workers are like a 'javascript proxy' between servers and user clients (=devices). With this, we can collect data for segmentation, without being able to link it to any individual (device). Making this 100% GDPR proof!
Congratulations with the update! I've been using PushPro now for a few weeks and already have a lot of subscribers (much higher opt-in rate compared to other marketing tools). I will for sure test segmentation as well.
We are happy to share with you the much awaited 2.0 version of PushPro! From now on you can send fully personalised messages to targeted audiences, and still be 100% GDPR proof! With the use of service worker technology, you can send push notifications to mobile visitors straight from your website. Send a message to everyone, or segment your audience based on on-site behaviour such as page visits, last visits etc, demographics or even geographic. PushPro can be installed on any type of website within a matter of minutes, but to make it even more easier we are developing plug-ins for the big platforms such as Magento (released) , Wordpress (in review), BigCommerce (in review) and Shopify (in progress). Later we will also expand to Squarespace, Webflow and others. PushPro has a free version, but to get full access to Audience Segmentation, you have to upgrade your account to a Growing Plan. If you have any questions, please send us a message! I hope you will all enjoy using PushPro and book some amazing results!
It would be much more comfortable if PushPro had seamless integrations with popular CMSs. Waiting for that.