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Pushbullet gains support for iOS and has launched a dedicated Mac app . Here’s the basic rundown of what Pushbullet can do: 1. Forward notifications — including ones from third party apps — from your phone to your Mac (a Windows client is available, but in beta). 2. You can silence alerts on an app-by-app basis, in case you don’t want Facebook alerts popping up endlessly. 3. You can dismiss phone notifications from your computer 4. Send links/files from your desktop to your phone (or vice versa) with just a click or two. It’s a pretty slick way to copy/paste between devices. 5. On iOS, it uses Bluetooth LE to make sure you’re actually relatively near your computer when it’s forwarding alerts. If you walk away from your computer or lend it to a buddy, your notifications automatically stop forwarding.
@kwdinc Cool rundown:)
For me the most useful addition is the integration as a iOS share extension! Finally no more detour via copy content, switch app, paste into pushbullet to share to the computer. Still have to test the Bluetooth functionality, but if it works as well as the cloud based solution, I'd be willing to say that this is what Airdrop should have been for years.
I was very excited to be able to solve this problem, but it's important to note the feature only works on Bluetooth. I keep bluetooth off to save battery, so this won't really work for me.
I've been using the Pushbullet Chrome extension for a while to send links (often App Store links of products I find interesting on Product Hunt) from my Mac to my phone. The Mac app is a nice addition but I'm not sure it necessary, tbh.
@rrhoover same. First thought was "what does this do that Chrome Extension doesn't?" Still can't find anything.
@rrhoover @clarklab Actually takes some features away... At least if you are an Android user. Going back to the extension for now.
The design really needs some love. It feels way too custom on OSX. Other than that it's a great service.
@jonnotie totally agree.