Push for Pizza is an app that you can use to immediately get pizza. Push a button, and pizza arrives.

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Another Sandwich-made video.
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@JohnyJames What does that mean, "Sandwhich made"?
@jfeldstein He means http://sandwichvideo.com/ (to confirm you'll see their Push for Pizza logo at the bottom of their client list)
Conveniently stumbled on this page when hungry, and then inconveniently realized my phone is Android.
@ghobs91 get em in 2bu20 and let's convince em to android asap.
Biiiiig fan of this! Great job to the 5 teenagers who made this!
An API for pizza. We should all be ashamed that it took this long for someone to do this.
@rstephens The API is actually Ordrin.com they've been around a while. Same API used by thepizzabutton.com and pizzatheapp.com
I cannot believe that there's an API for food delivery. Amazing.