Easy and custom invitations, delivered via text

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Hi, Product Hunters! Thank you @yoroomie for hunting this. I'm the co-founder of PurpleSlate, a mobile platform which aims to reinvent the traditional event invitation models with mobile-first invitations that are fast, fun and effortless, delivered via text messages. We were frustrated with creating boring evites and Facebook events only to be ignored, as well as sending numerous group texts back and forth with unknown numbers in the string. So we created PurpleSlate to keep things fast, fun and effortless both for the host and the guests with our integrated text messaging bot and simple automation techniques. Guests can view their invite, see event details and RSVP easily via text message replies (Yes/No), without having to download the app. Our platform comprises of native apps for iOS and Android, mobile web and text messaging. Not only do we take care of things leading up to a party like invites, RSVPs, guest lists, reminder, etc., but also thereafter with our chat and media sharing features. We have celebrated a lot of events with their users, from birthdays to farewell parties, baby showers to engagements, seeing almost 3x to 4x RSVP rates with text messaging. Try us for your holiday get-togethers! If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you at neha@mypurpleslate.com. Neha
Neat product. Super easy to create events!
@alan_james_curtis - Thank you so much Alan, glad to hear that!
Hey Neha, Thanks for posting this app! I have a couple questions for you in how this is different from basic texting? Also, can I make custom photos for my event?
@mannino_carmelo - Hi Carmelo, our platform has the capability to send texts in one go, whether it is to a small group of 10 or a large invitee list of 100 or more, which is huge plus over basic group texting which is limited in numbers. Also, while the event info and RSVP is communicated through unstructured texts back and forth with basic testing making it difficult to manage a guest list, our platform sends invitations personalized with guest names via text which the guests can respond to in one tap, and the host gets notified via push while his guest list gets updated automatically in real time. We also automate event updates, reminders, etc via text messaging to make it easy for the host to communicate with the guests. Yes, you can use pictures from our free gallery or one of your own and customize it with our in-app photo editor which has numerous tools and filters. Our users do seem to like it quite a bit!
Hey Neha, love this as I've definitely had some hit or miss experiences with Facebook events (and other stuff for parties) - one question I have: will this give me the ability to send out from my personal number? I feel like that'll be a HUGE win from a user's perspective.
@mikekilcoyne - Hey Michael, glad to hear that you have had the same experiences with Facebook events and other tools for sending invites as us and many of our users. Currently, we do not support the feature of sending invitations out via the user's personal numbers but this is definitely something we want to explore in the near future as some of our current users have also requested this. Thanks for trying us out!