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Carley Coursin
@cmc09 · Director of Marketing
Hey everyone! First things first - huge thank you to @_jacksmith for hunting the Pure Chat Engagement Hub! The Engagement Hub unifies all of your desired modes of communication into one, easily accessible location for improved user engagement. Best of all, it's free! Your visitors will see the Engagement Hub on every page of your website, eliminating the… See more
@keyul · Maker of Bot Stash, Product Huntian
Congrats @hamids and pure chat team on launching on engagement hub. This is a great tool. Contact options on every page of the website help customer to ask more doubts and as a site owner, it is easy to answer more questions that increase customer satisfaction.
Ryan Allen
@ryanallen_com · Designer, Dapper Gentlemen
This is awesome, it's like a reimagining of the contact page!
Bill Mitchell
@bwm748 · Partner, 748Partners
Great product, it's compact and gives customers multiple ways to contact me.
Hadi Farnoud
@hadifarnoud · CEO of Kamva
been a user for more than 6 months. Pure Chat is awesome!