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I've used Pure and Bootstrap. I'm a fan of both. If I'm cranking out a prototype or site that needs to be done quick and visual design is secondary (as is performance) then Bootstrap is good to go. If it's a visual design that is more complicated I tend to like the lighter, more versatile Pure.
I like to tinker with frameworks, but when it comes to building something real-ish, I still go to Foundation or Bootstrap most of the time. Pure has caught my eye lately, but I haven't jumped in. With Yahoo retiring YUI, is this part of it? Next?
Pure is a set of really light-weight (4.4 kB) CSS modules from Yahoo. It's similar to Twitter's Bootstrap, however, Pure CSS places more emphasis on modular independence. What's your opinion on using frameworks and boilerplates, like Pure and Bootstrap, to design websites?
@virjog Love boilerplates, but wish Bootstrap hadn't spiraled into something so monolithic. Pure is great in that it makes less assumptions about how you want to design a page. Use it all the time in smaller/personal projects.