Social picture sharing app for all dog lovers

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Alex Bulat
Marketing and Web Design Consultant
Do you have a dog? Funny but, right now I'm trying to pick one, I'm hesitating if I should get a Weimaraner or a Thai Ridgeback. I love both of these breeds, but I can't decide which one should I choose. It's a really hard decision to make. If I had a dog right now, the first place to brag about my pal would be the puppy.pics social network, it's a new place where you can share pics of your best little friend! At puppy.pics you will meet lots of dogs lovers, there you can get united into groups, communicate, and brag about how many times your fluffy pal pooped last night. Also, there's an Android app that you can use as you "Dog Instagram". It's time to register at puppy.pics, WOOF!
Cassandra Beaulieu
Founder & Digital MKG @ bornmkg.com
This is a really nice way to to share many pictures of a dog. I also love the fact that I can give treats to to dogs I like. Being able to comment and rate the pictures is also a plus. Great app for dog lovers !

Puppy.pics is exactly what it sounds like. Load all your puppy's pictures and have fun giving other dogs treats!


Easy and fun to upload my pictures! Phone app is super easy to use.


None so far.