Puppy Cube

Interactive Touchscreen Projector

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Puppy Cube is a standalone entertainment system, complete with Android OS, a 300 ANSI lumens HD display of up to 100 inches, and it can make any flat surface into an interactive touchscreen.

✅ 10-point AnyTouch technology

✅ 720p with 4K support

✅ Ultra short-throw projector

✅ Bluetooth speaker mode

✅ Miracast and AirPlay

✅ Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

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Laurens Laudowicz
Laurens Laudowicz@laurens_laudowicz
Looks cool! When will it ship? hahhahaha always the same question ;-)
Looks awesome. Which price?
John Faig
John Faig@johnfaig · Ed/software/investing - open to startup
I think if this product had a built-in Chrome browser, then it would have lots of potential in the #EdTech market.