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PageRank for Tweets

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I'm sure @chrismacolor and @brainix could do a better job than I explaining. But essentially, they're building a better Twitter search, using natural language processing and ideas borrowed from PageRank, to identify the most viral tweets for a search query. It's very early on (disclaimer, I'm friends with the founders) but I'm sure they'd love to answer questions and get the PH community's thoughts on product direction!
Would love to know how it works. The search feature does look handy. Ability to export out the top 50 tweets / accounts/ and other metrics etc would make it much more attractive to marketers like me.
@saijo_george Thanks for the feedback! We're working on an API now. Hopefully we'll be able to provide you with something of value.
http://punchline.tips/5497158661... That's a fun tool. The social media marketing gears are turning, but I like it just for the entertainment value.
@thetylerhayes Was this just taken down? Looks like the tweet & image is gone
@thetylerhayes Weird. I get the "this page doesn't exist" page at that link.