Pumkin Spice Filter

Remove the words Pumpkin Spice from the Internet

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Like most good things this started with a tweet. I asked the Internet at large to make a filter that blocks "pumpkin spice" from the Internet, when I saw those damnable words in AUGUST. A couple days later, a friend I know from online and occasionally IRL Erik replied on twitter- "Done." With a link to the extension. He just did it. He just made it. And we should all be thankful that he's doing the lord's good work here. I literally had nothing to do with building it except writing the tweet that inspired it, so if there's any questions @erikerik is your guy!
@mackflavelle The world is literally your oyster.
This helps my body prepare for the wrath.
Make one for cats & we'll talk. @mackflavelle
do we really need so many of these "remove mentions of X" extensions to exist? has no one invented an extension where you can just specify what term you don't like yet?
@_jacksmith I saw one at one point that was a general, you tell us X we replace it with Y. But can't remember what it's called! Maybe somebody who reads this will know? And of course we don't "NEED." But in general we enjoy scheming, making, shipping and learning, so personally I'm probably not going to slow down, even if the omni-extension existed.
@_jacksmith You could make a filter that removes filters that filter things.