Puma Fi

Self lacing shoes by Puma

The technology platform Fit Intelligence (Fi) is designed to automate and finetune performance for our footwear. The very first Fi footwear style is a self-lacing training shoe made for workouts and light running.
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It would be better if they were “self-running”, this isn’t enough.
Love the look of this shoe and feels quite a bit more practical than Nlke's offering in the industry, even if I am a sucker for Nike anything
Do you think shoe-tech will catch on? 👟
Yes 🏃‍♂️
Nope 🙅‍♀️
Not sure, but I'm here for it 👀
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@aaronoleary it won't be for quite sometime until we fix the issue of being able to charge devices seamlessly over the air at contact points in a home
@aaronoleary @manny_orduna Or charge them by walking
@aaronoleary @dmitry_yudakov I feel really stupid that that wasn't the first reason that came to mind XD. Good point.
I spent quite a lot to buy Nike's. It will take a while until I get another one.
Feels like Puma is playing catchup on a trend to stay relevant as Nike and Adidas control the market. Doesn't the design feel a bit uninspired? Bland? They may have new tech, but they look like old sneakers to me.