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Pulumi is a open-source cloud development platform: a pure code (JS, TS, Python, and Go) framework for building and deploying serverless, containers, data, infrastructure to any cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), and Kubernetes.

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Pulumi is one of the greatest cloud tools to come out this year. It's going to get even better as the community grows and new features and libraries are added into its ecosystem.


Easy and simple to use. Very powerful features out of the box.


Still in early stages of development so improvements are still coming.

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The main benefit of using Pulumi is that you write infrastructure as code, *as actual code* as opposed to custom config files. This brings with it all the modern comfits of modern PL - type-checking in your IDE tells you immediately what fields are mising for example. It's super easy to write new components and libraries, which means that it's easy to write reusable parts, and import them easily. Some of the documentation is a bit sparse, which has left me crawling through the source code to understand how it works, but the code is easy enough to read. I can't wait until there is a more mature community around Pulumi and third party libraries which can be used. Speaking of which, the pulumi community is friendly + helpful too.


Great interface, easy to get setup and running. Typechecking and re-usable modules/components are nice.


Slightly immature. Documentation lacking in places, and not many third party libraries yet.