Pull Reminders for GitHub

Slack reminders and metrics for pull requests

Pull Reminders helps you ship faster with automated Slack reminders and pull request metrics. Used by dev teams at 400+ companies like Pivotal, Instacart, Instructure, and Trivago. Available in the Slack App Directory and GitHub Marketplace.

  • Alexander
    AlexanderFounder / Software Engineer

    - helps PRs to get approved faster

    - leaderboard adds gamification

    - gives understanding what PRs take longer

    - integration with Slack


    - sometimes too many notification, but that can be configured properly with labels.

    If you configure it correctly with all the labels etc., then the tool is doing a great job of reminding you and team of PRs that needs to be looked at.

    Great and easy to use product!

    Alexander has used this product for one month.
  • Jesse Adametz
    Jesse AdametzSenior Data Engineer

    - Light weight reminder system for keeping the flow of work moving efficiently

    - Provides insightful metrics to team performance


    Configuration UX is early days and sometimes a bit complicated to figure out. That said, Abi is always there to help resolve complications!

    Abi has built a great product that solve a real problem for many teams. We had an in-house version of this being slowly developed but immediately leveraged PullReminders upon discovering it. We've been avid users ever since.

    Jesse Adametz has used this product for one month.
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Abi Noda
Abi NodaMaker@abi · Creator of PullReminders.com
Hi Product Hunt! I'm Abi, the solo creator of Pull Reminders. I built the first version of Pull Reminders in January after leaving my job. At the time I didn't expect to be able to make any money from it. Today there are over 400 companies using Pull Reminders and it is making (barely) enough money for me to work on it full-time. This has allowed me to continue improving the product and add features like pull request metrics and support for multi-team workflows. My focus right now is adding more metrics and reports to help teams improve their productivity using data. Pull Reminders already tracks things like review turnaround time and pull request size — but I think there's a lot more I can do. I'd love to hear what people think!
Geoff Harcourt
Geoff Harcourt@geoffharcourt · Owner
This was an enormous help to my team with turnaround on feedback and more importantly, getting feedback. The notifications take a little time to get right as you figure out how often and aggressively you want to get pinged. I love the combination of team and individual settings. In the two weeks we've used it, our team has already had an easier time getting prompt feedback. It fills a notable gap in Github's notification capability.
Abi Noda
Abi NodaMaker@abi · Creator of PullReminders.com
@geoffharcourt That's great to hear Geoff! Thanks for sharing.
Corey Light
Corey Light@coreyalight · Web-person
Great product - helped our team immensely. We were thinking about building something very similar to this, glad we found Pull Reminders first!
Abi Noda
Abi NodaMaker@abi · Creator of PullReminders.com
@coreyalight Thanks Corey!
Alexander@alexsnurnikov · Founder / Software Engineer
Great product!! We're using it on a daily basis for about 1-2 months already. It helped to improve PR approval turnaround and the leaderboard adds a little bit of a gamification to it. Keep doing a great job!
Abi Noda
Abi NodaMaker@abi · Creator of PullReminders.com
@alexsnurnikov Thanks Alex!
Congrats Abi! Solid product and helping get our team on the right track!
Abi Noda
Abi NodaMaker@abi · Creator of PullReminders.com
@ichris24 Thanks for your support Ian! Glad I can help :)