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Build in the open


Publicly is a simple way to track all the great things being built in public by all the brave makers willing to share their progress.

3 Reviews
Simon Chiu
Stuart Balcombe
  • Stuart Balcombe
    Stuart BalcombePaymentLink

    - Range of projects featured

    - Easy to go deeper and read about a products story


    - I wish I could search/filter by project type

    Definitely bookmarking this to check in on regularly. We share a lot of what we are building with letssail.co using Trello but this seems like a great platform for more narrative based updates.

    Stuart Balcombe has used this product for one day.
  • soreq
    soreqhumanitarian. technologist.

    Fascinating social experiment


    Must wait for game theory equilibria to work itself out. Cooperate or defect.(steal, any predatory activity).

    Caution: can indies be expected to build anything they cannot afford to have ripped off, even if the odds are against them, even for it's idea-value alone?

    For those who can, it's a public service.

    soreq has used this product for one day.
  • Simon Chiu
    Simon ChiuMaker: Cartfunnel, Champ, Workorder

    Quick updates. Instead of wasting time on FB, I can spend it here. Reading other ppl's updates, I'm reminded I should go back working. :)


    None yet.

    Nothing more to say. Yet.

    Simon Chiu has used this product for one day.