The first influencer marketing platform for Periscope

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Interesting idea by @pavlo_kuznetsov and @vitaliimalets on how to monetize Periscope. If you have a decent audience and mention some brands - they will pay you based on your reach, audience, geo location and much more. What do you think, marketers?
@denzhadanov Hey Denys, more than happy that you're liked our idea :) Periscope is growing and the ambitious goal for us is to create the world's first way to monetize the network through influencers.
Thanks @denzhadanov!. A few words about us. Publicfast is an automated influecner marketing platform that helps more than 7K infleuncers across the globe collaborate with brands they love, like 20 Century Fox, Samsung, Danone, HP and many others. We’re working with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and VK and I’m really excited to add Periscope to the list.
@denzhadanov @pavlo_kuznetsov @vitaliimalets Agree, sounds good! I wish you to operate much more than 7K influencers — hopefully, this number will grow constantly
@michaelheina Thanks! We are working on this!
@vitaliimalets @denzhadanov how to use it for marketing?
Good to see Periscope growing into a platform. Monetization on live streaming seems to be like the obvious next step. And, advertising has been the conventional route to monetize eye balls. Good that you jumped on it. Are there any other avenues that you think are good monetization options for live streaming?
@sarthakgh In my opinion, Periscope can take Youtube model of monetization and launch premium broadcasts + video ads in the future.
@vitaliimalets I do not think that will work well with live streaming. Ads will dilute the intimate nature of "live" videos. Youtube is doing fine since its not live IMO. Video services really need some new monetization model. I keep thinking about this a lot.
@sarthakgh exactly! It's hart to predict something that works better in broadcasting than native product placement
Sounds cool! I'll try
Nice to see the growing interest in streaming platforms. Now it is very popular. Wish you a good luck guys :)
@alxclever I believe streaming is going to be the most popular way to communicate, because it's always honest, live and on-time.
"Make it rain Get paid for real, like a rapper." finally! P.S. awesome idea. Being the first is always the best. Good luck ;)