Publish blog posts just by sending an email

The easiest way to publish online. Publish the contents of any email publicly by sending it to: No login needed, no accounts to open, no software to set up, always free. Your email address is kept private and you can delete your posts anytime if you like.

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The idea behind this project was to take blogging back to its basic - no need to open any accounts anywhere or install any blogging software to get started with publishing things online. Just send in an email to make the contents of that email public.
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@arbuge can you provide links to any example blog posts?
@krynsky Suggest you just send in a few test emails to experiment, but here's an example:
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Nice idea! Does anyone know if anything similar exists for just publishing single pages quickly and not blogs? Sort of like for emails?
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@boetter is for posting single pages
@boetter for single pages you can't beat
This sounds familiar! 😊 cc @garrytan
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@garrytan @rrhoover That would be lofty company to keep!
Nice idea, but flawed. if you forget to remove your signature, that info gets published too. Also, I haven't found a way to delete a post after it's published.
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@frassmith Click on the link in the verification email, then choose the delete option on the page that comes up. Regarding your other point, you are correct - if you explicitly put an email address in the signature as part of the message body and send that in, it will get published.
@arbuge Yes, I found that link, but not everybody keeps every email they receive. You should probably provide some method for the poster to delete posts on the site or, at least, to receive the link by email again.
Does it support Blogger? Wordpress? Movable Type?
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@hasan_diwan Wordpress offers this functionality natively
@hasan_diwan @krynsky It does... but you have to install Wordpress.