Find customers, revenue, and traction (in private beta)

Is this the same Public Beta that already tried once, to the point of collecting fees/dues from members, only to stop after a few months with no content? That dustup left a pretty bad taste in my mouth.
@clarklab yes, that's the same company. @adii did receive some push back, especially on HN, with his approach but I believe he handled everything well and morally. I'm excited to learn more about the new PublicBeta.
Thanks for sharing this @juliaroy. @clarklab same company, same founder, but different idea (which I wouldn't necessarily call a pivot). The situation you refer to btw is written up in full here:
PublicBeta is now in open, public beta. Check it: :)
@adii the three colored links in your feature area don't go anywhere (and are the three key things I'd like to learn more about).