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#1 Product of the DayMay 11, 2018

Public Market is restoring the Commercial Commons by building an open, transparent, and competitive architecture for marketplace eCommerce by leveraging blockchain technology to replace these closed, private, rent-extracting intermediaries with an open architecture and protocol for eCommerce.

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    Decentralized, Low-Cost, Tokenized


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    Going to change the world!

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Raul Gasteazoro@raul_gasteazoro
Best idea I've heard in ages... combining commerce, open markets and free trade, with the power of crypto
KJ EricksonMaker@kjer · CEO
@raul_gasteazoro glad you think so! thanks so much for your support.
Davis Baer@daviswbaer
Commision free, free shipping... @kjer How do you plan on monetizing?
KJ EricksonMaker@kjer · CEO
@daviswbaer it’s an entirely different business model based around a token. The protocol itself lives within a nonprofit foundation, and gets supported by the token itself. These new business models are pretty revolutionary, actually!
Davis Baer@daviswbaer
@kjer Sounds interesting :)
Carlos J. Argüello@cjarguello · Product Manager & UI/UX Designer
Decentralizing eCommerce for GOOD
Cody Fitzpatrick@codyfitzpatrick · Founder @ & OrbitalOne
Surely the company will attempt to make money somehow, which brings to question the necessity of blockchain. You could more easily create an e-commerce platform similar to the pre-existing options, with fees only slightly greater than the cost of running the platform if you're truly out for sellers' best interests. Will users be required to buy your virtual currency in order to pay a (more likely than not) monthly fee?
Robin JonesMaker@wubledoo · COO, Public Market
@codyfitzpatrick No, there are no monthly fees for sellers. No commissions. No listing fees. As KJ said in an above answer, it’s an entirely different business model based around a token. The protocol itself lives within a nonprofit foundation, and gets supported by the token itself. Stay tuned for updates and the release of our product and white paper by signing up at or joining our Telegram community
KJ EricksonMaker@kjer · CEO
@codyfitzpatrick Good insights. To answer your question, no -- our tokens function as rewards points, and we don't have plans to use them to charge a monthly fee. We're building the business model around the token itself. Exactly how it works is somewhat in depth for this response, so I encourage you to sign up for our white paper when it's released ( In the meantime, Chris Dixon has a nice post investigating how these new network models can work:
Cody Fitzpatrick@codyfitzpatrick · Founder @ & OrbitalOne
Thank you both (@wubledoo & @kjer) for the informative responses. I look forward to reading the whitepaper when it's released. I'll brush up on Chris Dixon's post in the meantime. Wishing you all the best with this venture!
Robin JonesMaker@wubledoo · COO, Public Market
@codyfitzpatrick Looks like KJ and I are both answering at the same time! Giving you a lot to read! :)
Robin JonesMaker@wubledoo · COO, Public Market
@kjer @codyfitzpatrick Thank you! We look forward to knocking your socks off!
Kevin Moore@kevrmoore · Capitalist
This sounds lit AF!
KJ EricksonMaker@kjer · CEO
@kevrmoore we like to think so ;)