Psych Nest

Book Summaries For Mental Health Professionals

Psych Nest is an easy and fast way for mental health professionals to discover valuable psychotherapy techniques through the use of book summaries. We introduce familiar and new authors inspiring our users to learn and read more.

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Vineel Maharaj
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An educational mental health related subscription service may seem a bit odd to hunt on here but I figure now or never. I launched Psych Nest with another mental health professional to increase the ability for peers to gain actionable wisdom and utilize in their sessions with clients. This is meant to be zero fluff but we also recommend everyone to grab the original works if they want in-depth examples and references. We offer audio and text summaries of various top psychology books. Our library is growing at a rate of 4 summaries a month and would love more feedback on this from other mental health peeps. -Vin P.S. Have any peers in the mental health field? Using discount code: "freud" gets $10 off every month forever.