PSD to Sketch Design Converter

Convert a Photoshop design to a layered Sketch file for free


We used our in house Photoshop parsing technology to build the very first PSD to Sketch Design converter. It does pretty much what you would expect: it converts a PSD file to a layered Sketch design including vector shapes, text layers, artboards, layer effects, masks and more.

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they say it`s free but it is n`t



I know right? I also can get so angry when people try to make a buck after months of hard work ;). First use = free. I just discovered this and it saved me a lot of time. Will consider paying after the trial ends.

I used the service, which was free (when sending to your email), and I was happy with the results.

It does NOT pixel match the design, but it does split the layers really nicely, and that's what I was looking for, I just want to export images from Sketch which is way more easily done than in Photoshop.

Will definitely use this service again.


I just used it and I'm happy!


It's not pixel perfect (but for me that's okay)