Build apps that react to the physical world

Get access to all of your favourite positioning technologies through a single API is a unified positioning platform. We combine

A) all techologies: iBeacon, Eddystone, GPS, WiFi, geomagnetic, cellular

B) all use cases: positioning, geofencing, location-based messaging, wayfinding & analytics

all under one solution. Get started for free!

  • Antoine Gargot
    Antoine GargotEngineer student

    Really good interface, nice feature, especially the indoor localisation (indoor atlas).


    no cons

    As a previous customer. I can tell that proximi team cares so much about its customers, really nice support and also they are very attentive to customer feedbacks. They keep improving their product and it's a really good thing for the future. Wish you luck for your future releases !

  • Irana Sverbitskaya
    Irana SverbitskayaMake up artist, Shleyf Salon

    really great app to use. convenient idea.


    no really

    i recently was literally looking for exact program that would capture my actions locally.

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Annina Koskiola
Annina KoskiolaMaker@anninakoskiola · CEO
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