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#3 Product of the WeekFebruary 25, 2020
PROVEN customizes a simplified skincare system for men and women that takes the guesswork out of caring for skin. Using our proprietary Skin Genome Project database, combined with expertise from Stanford Dermatology, we engineer your customized skincare.
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PROVEN was founded by two people frustrated with the skincare industry’s lack of innovation and decades of stagnation. My cofounder Amy Yuan is a computational physicist from Stanford, and when skincare products on the market failed to treat her atopic dermatitis time and time again, she built her own AI-powered database to analyze thousands of scientific studies and millions of consumer reviews to connect the dots between ingredients and how they affect people’s skin. This database turned into what we now call the Skin Genome Project.  The Skin Genome Project encompasses more than 20 million consumer reviews and 4000 scientific papers on skin. It also won MIT’s AI Technology of the year award, beating out 400 other AI companies. Our database is the first time that machine learning technology of this caliber has ever been applied to skincare, and we are so proud of it! My personal rude awakening was when years at an unforgiving private equity job had me looking and feeling old and tired beyond my years. I tried all kinds of expensive skincare products to no avail. I never saw a real difference until I tried products that were tailor made for my skin.  Amy and then I set off to bring personalized, data-powered skincare to everyone. We then partnered with the head of dermatology at Stanford University and UT Austin, and gave birth to PROVEN: personalized, 3-step skincare systems that’re formulated based on more than 47 factors about a person, including their gene expression, environment, external lifestyle and skin concerns. You simply take a free, 3 minute quiz to analyze your skin and get your personal skin recommendations. PROVEN is also clean, non-toxic and made in the USA and for both men and women. To celebrate us launching nation-wide, we wanted to offer the PH community a special code to get 15% off your own first set of PROVEN personalized skincare, please use the code: HUNTED for 15% off. Cheers, Ming and Amy Code: HUNTED for 15% off
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@proven Ooh! Thanks for the code, Ming and Amy! I've been a user of Proven skincare for a few months now, and I look no more than 25years old! (and for those of you who could never guess, I'm actually in my 40s! 😉) Thanks for such an awesome product that is safe to use! I love it so much! ❤️❤️❤️ GIF just for fun on #TuesdayMorning 👇🏽
@nassaraf haha, thanks so much Naomi for being an early supporter and for the lovely message and GIF! Really honored to get to care for your skin and can't wait to make PROVEN even better for you!
I like the concept of the product. The idea that everyone has different needs that needs to be met by a custom solution is spot on. I hope you succeed, because companies like this are the engine of the future.
@kokiweb Thank you Kaloyan for your comment and absolutely, we are all unique individuals, what our skin needs depends on our inherent disposition from our genetics as well as on our external factors such as the humidity level, UV level, pollution level, use of digital devices and blue light, etc.. So it only makes sense that we should receive differentiated care for our skin, our body's largest organ.
PROVEN is skincare that's tailored to more than 47 factors about you, including your gene expression, environment, lifestyle, and skin concerns. They are doing something that's never been done in the consumer space and in skincare before, by bringing AI award winning technology to create personalized skincare products for individuals, PROVEN is breaking through decades of paradigm in how our skin and body should be cared for, by providing personalized care, and in the process, improving the everyday lives of people using technology.
@nikkielizdemere Thank you so much Nichole for hunting us and for giving us the opportunity to share PROVEN's story with the PH community! Because we apply technology to improve people's everyday lives, we feel a strong affinity with the PH ethos and community, so is awesome to be here!
I've love Proven since my first jar. Exactly what my skin needs. I've got an oily T-zone and dry cheeks. Thx PROVEN for this.
@basicbonsai Hi Nancy, thanks so much for sharing your feedback and thank you for your support! We live to hear feedback from our customers and are so happy we get to serve your skin the way it needs to be cared for!
Interesting concept. If the purpose is to revitalize stagnant innovation in an industry that hasn't changed much then are you also innovating new skin care ingredients too, or is Proven solely innovating the skin care quiz/personalization?
@angie_liti hi Angie! Thanks so much for your thoughtful questions! Indeed, we can't innovate upon skincare without also innovating upon the ingredients that the products contain and how they're formulated. We first utilize only clean, non-toxic, scientific ingredients, and also take into account two elements for ingredient selection. First, our database, the Skin Genome Project, is able to tell us what ingredients are really tried-and-true to work for different individuals, in that the database has more than 20Million consumer testimonials, and 4000 scientific papers, so we've used machine learning algorithms to analyze the data to understand what ingredients are first correlated with good results for what kind of individuals. Then we partner with our dermatology advisor, Dr. Hollmig, who was the head of Dermatology at Stanford, and now the Head of Dermatology Surgery at UT Austin, who is a practicing clinician and researcher, to understand what ingredients are new and cutting edge for different skin concerns, what ingredient maybe have not yet gotten mainstream usage, but are already proven by papers and studies to have good effects. We then also incorporate those. So that allows us to formulate with both tried-and-true as well as cutting-edge, new and hot-off the presses ingredients for our customers. Not only that. As the seasons change, and as the seasons in people's lives change, a man may change the way they shave their face, or a woman may get pregnant or enter menopause, or even if neither of those things happened, and the seasons just changed, we also update our ingredients and ingredient concentrations to provide the right formulations for individuals at the right time.
@proven That sounds amazing! Really well thought out. I love the combination of clean skin care with innovative ingredients and complete personalization to every user. Good luck!
@angie_liti Thank you Angie! Appreciate your support!