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#4 Product of the DayJuly 03, 2018 V2 - daily design news, now bigger and better with new features:

🔍Search engine – search through nearly 15,000 indexed design resources

🛠Upgraded Toolbox 2.0 – find tools that go beyond screen design: VR/AR, AI, Chatbot design 🤖

🦄Introducing UX Kit – tools for user monitoring, ideation and every step of your design process!

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  • Vincent Denise📖 @threader_app

    Great curated resources



    Prototypr is the perfect platform to help you in your design process. The V2 is neat. Good work Graeme!

    Vincent Denise has used this product for one day.
  • Johnny BoufarhatMaker @

    Great UX

    Easy to use

    Loads of resources

    Great information


    Nothing that I can think of tbh

    Prototypr has great filters, and is my number one resource whenever I want anything related to design.

    Johnny Boufarhat has used this product for one year.


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Graeme FultonMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and emailOtter 🐭
Hello PH 👋! I'm really excited to show you Prototypr V2.0 - this version brings the foundations for Prototypr to become a fully fledged platform in its own right. In fact, I already have things in place for a community forum and much more! In the meantime though, here is what's new: 🔍 Prototypr Search Engine has always brought you the best design news and links every single day. Each resource is handpicked and now being indexed into the brand new Prototypr Search engine. 🛠 Toolbox 2.0 Prototypr Toolbox 1.0 was launched back in May, welcome to version 2! This includes a couple of sections: 🚀 Maker Kit • Filter and search over 300 tools • Find tools that beyond the screen design – from AI to voice categories 🦄 UX Kit The UX Kit lets you discover tools that will help you gather insights into what you’re building. From idea generation to monitoring users - tools for every stage of your design process! As well as all this awesome free stuff, we're now offering some premium stuff via our Patreon page 👉 A big thank you to @Maria_Espi for illustrations, everybody else who's contributed so far, and also to you for reading!
Marie Denis@marie_dm_ · 👩🏻‍💻 • 📖
@graeme_fulton Nice work Graeme! 💫 I'm glad to finally see that v2 online 🙌 🚀
Graeme FultonMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and emailOtter 🐭
@marie_dm_ Thanks Marie! I was a bit slow to ship 😅, it could have been a 2 launches actually but I'm really happy it's available for everyone now!
Ann@annchichii · UI UX designer
@maria_espi @graeme_fulton Awesome! This is super helpful. Thank you and your team! 🙌
Graeme FultonMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and emailOtter 🐭
@maria_espi @annchichii 😃 thanks Ann, very very small team 😉hopefully we can get more people involved soon!
Graeme FultonMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and emailOtter 🐭
@maria_espi @annchichii lots of contributors though!! Definitely would be nowhere near what it is now without the community
Katerina Limpitsouni@ninalimpi · Illustrator • Fun at
Looks awesome @graeme! So much cleaner and easy to use!!! Feels faster too!! 👏👏👏
Aggelos Gesoulis@anges244 · JavaScript Developer
@graeme @ninalimpi love the improvements!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Graeme FultonMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and emailOtter 🐭
@graeme @ninalimpi thanks Katerina!! Glad you find it easy to use, if there's anything that can be improved let me know 😃
Graeme FultonMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and emailOtter 🐭
@graeme @ninalimpi @anges244 thanks Aggelos! They've been a while coming, and more to come - look forward to what you'll have to come too!
Aggelos Gesoulis@anges244 · JavaScript Developer
@ninalimpi @graeme_fulton can't keep up with you, you update machine!!! Keep it up!!!
Graeme FultonMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and emailOtter 🐭
@ninalimpi @anges244 hahah thanks! It has been a while coming to be fair - I was saving it for the England vs Columbia victory 😂😅
Greg Rog@learnuxio · **Idea Architect** @
Great job, Graeme! 🙌Looks solid and light. Really good UX ❤️
Graeme FultonMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and emailOtter 🐭
@learnuxio Thanks again Greg! 💙
Sunjoo Sun@sunjoo_sun
awesome design and very useful! I love this product! especially, chat form is great. Did you make that from scratch or with any library?
Graeme FultonMaker@graeme_fulton · Making and emailOtter 🐭
@fuji_syan Hey Naoya! I used Space 10's conversational form to turn some forms into conversational experiences! Check it out, it's really good! https://space10-community.github... I added some CSS to change the avatars to our P1P1 mascot. Let me know if you need help doing that, I have the codez